Why Mars could be our second home

Mars Mission

Hey folks we all know the resources on our planet Earth is not enough as me we are consuming more than we should and at the end, We all know the fact that we should leave this planet and find a new home or else humanity will extinct, As we use resources equivalent to nearly one-and-a-half Earths to meet our needs every year. Even many countries are tying to find a new habitable planet around the space. SpaceX’s founder introduced a plan to start a human’s colony in Mars. And in todays article we are gonna know some facts about Why Mars could be our second home .

Mars’s soil contain water to extract
water on mars
Credits: NASA

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has found that the soil on the surface of Red planet contains 2 % of water by weight. Rovers have sent back photographs which shows signs that liquid water might have been on the surface of Mars. This water can be used by Earthlings which are gonna live on Mars.

Mar’s isn’t too hot or too cold
Sun from mars weather of Mars
Sun from Mars

The average temperature is approximately -80 degrees F (-60 degrees C), it can vary from -195 degrees F (-125 degrees C) at the poles during the winter to as much as a comfortable 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) at midday near the equator. And Humidity is also present in the atmosphere of Mars, Short-term wet periods might be long enough and warm enough to allow for Earth organisms to metabolize and even reproduce.

There is enough sunlight to use solar panels to obtain power
Curiocity solar panel
Curiosity solar panel

Mars receives enough quantity of sunlight to harness the power of solar energy, Curiosity rover also uses solar energy available on Mars for it’s day to day functioning.

Humans can adapt to Mars Gravity
The Martian

Gravity on Mars is 38% that on Earth, And many belives that Humans can adapt to gravity of the Mars.

Mars has an Atmosphere
Atmosphere of Mars
Credits: NASA

Mars has an atmosphere that offer protection from Cosmic and sun’s radiation (although to a lesser extent than Earth’s). Scientists have a dream to live on Mars without using oxygen mask the could be done by Terraforming the Mars atmosphere. “If there is enough carbon dioxide, we could warm up Mars in 100 years once we start,” says Chris McKay at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California.

The Day/Night cycle is similar
day and night in mars
credits: NASA

The day and night cycle of Mars is very similar to earth a Mars day is 24 hours 39 minutes and 35 seconds long which is very similar to Earth’s.

The Goldilocks Zone
Habitable zone
Goldilocks zone

Mars is the only planet which lies in the habitable zone (Goldilocks zone) of the solar system other than Earth.

Earth from Mars
Credits: Nasa

This is the picture of Earth and Moon from Mars.

Every thought above are just possibility and we don’t know whether we could really get on the Mars or not but one thing is sure Earth always could not be a habitable planet cause it’s resources are not enough, As a civilization we should always searching for possibilities which is crucial for our existance.

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