Why Japan Is Years Ahead From The World


Japan is the future, it is the ultimate place of convenience. Their society strives for efficiency, Japan is an always-evolving culture that opens your eyes in more ways than you can imagine. Japan is different, it’s electric, it is amazing, its tastiest, it is confusing but above all it’s futuristic the Japanese are innovators, They somehow figure out the thing decades before the world. Either because they are geniuses or the fact they lived their entire existence in isolation. So here are the 10 ways Japan is 10 years ahead of the world.

Bullet Train

Bullet train
high speed train Japan

In Japan, there are over 2300 Kms of thracks with trains going 320Kms per hour, They carry more than 360 million passengers per year more than the entire population of the USA. The 500kms journey from Tokyo to Kyoto takes 7 hrs by car, but you can complete the same journey in 2 hrs on the bullet train.


Robots of japan

Call me crazy but I think robots will be driving cars within 10years in Japan. They are already serving you lunch helping you in stores, cleaning your house, Making cars at factories, and staring at you in windows. You can find robots for every repetitive work in Japan.

Arcade gaming

Arcade Games
Arcade games of Japan

A large number of Japanese men are obsessed with arcade games and they are really skilled especially at the reaction games these games make you feel like you are in the 23rd century. Almost every video game you have played as a kid was invented in Japan including Mario so it’s kind of in their blood to be gamers.

Vending machines

Vendig Machine
Vending Machine in Japan

While vending machines aren’t uniquely Japanese but japan’s vending machines are unique and innovative. This country has 5 and a half million vending machines and not only for cold drinks but for piping hot cappuccinos, strange toys, and a bunch of other wacky items like ice cream, popcorn, electronics. It’s common to order meals from a vending machine, which just makes life easier.

Super toilets

Japanese super Toilet

There is no place more enjoyable to go to the bathroom in Japan. The toilets are so advanced here in Japan heating up your butt, cleaning it spotless, and some high-tech toilets can even check your blood pressure, urine, weight, and body fat.

Public Transportation

Public transportation
Japanese Mono Rail

For a city with 38 Million People, it boggles my mind how immaculate their metro systems are. There are 882 interconnected rail stations in the Tokyo Metropolis, Shinjuku Station is the busiest train station in the world with 3.64 million passengers daily.

Automated car parking

Car parking
Japanese automated car parking

To save space the Japanese invented parking lots where they can stack cars on top of each other. Many apartment complexes hotels and restaurants have them. Think of it like vending machines of cars.

Future fashion

Japanese future Fashion

Just walk down the street in Tokyo’s Akihabara district and you’ll spot many people dressed like it’s the 22nd century. They decked out in retro sci-fi gear and stiles that you have never even thought of and girls also dressed like maids.

Touch screen menus

Touch screen
JApanese touch screen menus

At many restaurants, there is no need for a hostess and waiter when you have an iPad or a cutting screen like this one to order your food. You just have to select what you wanna eat on big screens inside restaurants and your food will arrive.

Use of technology for little things

Japan heater
Japanese heater fan

In hotels, you can get automatic cleaning windows and in the middle of the street you get touch screen information boards, The heaters have fans over them to evenly spread the warmth, The taxis will automatically open the doors for you. While these things may exist in other countries but Japan takes them to a new level These are the 10 reasons and many others why I believe Japan is futuristic you got to come here to see it and believe it.

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