Why CVV code is used in Debit and Credit cards ?

Cvv code

Hey folks you’ve seen that on the back of every credit and debit cards there is a 3 digit number called CVV and this number is always asked at the time of online transactions. Have you ever thought about why this number is printed on the back of ATM cards and what is the whole purpose of this CVV number? Let’s find out in this post.

CVV cardverification value
Card Verification Value

The full form of CVV is Card Verification Value this code is a combination of so many features that are used for the identification of the cardholder which is helpful in any kind of fraudulent situation. For your information, CVV is also known as CSC card security code and CVC card verification code these codes are just used for security.

credit card security
credit card security

when we remove credit cards from our wallet in public, Anyone can get the complete detail of credit and debit cards easily but the CVV code is printed on the backside of the card which adds an extra layer of security. Earlier this code consists of 11 digits but nowadays only 3-4 digit codes are used. Rupay, Visa, Mastercard uses 3 digit codes whereas American express uses 4 digit codes.

Online Transaction CVV
Online Transaction

During online transactions, CVV codes confirm that the person who is transacting has the credit or debit card in physical form. CVV can’t save you from every fraudulent activity but it definitely adds an extra layer of security to your transactions.

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