Why Animax Disappeared From Indian Television


Did you remember there was a anime tv channel called Animax ? Hey folks my name is Himanshu and here we are gonna find why Animax is disappeared from Indian television.

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What Is Animax ?

Animax was an only TV channel which is completly dedicated to Anime. This is the only channel in India which airs the latest programs which is being aired in the Japanese televisions. Animax’s brodcasting stopped two years ago on 18th april 2017, which is taken over by Sony Yay which is a kids TV channel. Animax India was Animax Asia’s Indidan division and Animax Asia’s owner is Sony networks. Animax was launched in India at 5th of July 2004 back then It’s brand ambassador was Irfan Pathan, It was being broadcasted from Singapore by Animax Asia and it’s targated audience was 15- 25 years old.

Why Animax Disappeared ?

After launching of Animax on july 2004 In India, They started 12 hours hindi feed they planned to run this channel at both hindi and english languages but just after two years they could not gained enough TRP which truned into a huge loss for them. In 2007 to sustain in their TRP they added some live action content like Spiderman, HellBoy and Kung-fu Hustle and at 4th may 2010 Animax rebranded its logo and they also telecasted some western programs but they still can’t get enough audiance because Indians are busy watching Sasural Simar ka insted of Supernaturals, Terminators,Ghost adventures, K-Pop etc. It was the time when Youtube was not popular in India, Phones were still evolving and people dosen’t have good inernet connections that’s why anime culture is not that popular in India. Gradually there a time comes when Animax couldn’t able to pay the carrige fee to the service providers. This is because of low TRP and lack of advertisements which earns these channels profit. Apparently the service providers in India thought that Animax is a bad influence for little kids and that is why one by one all of them started to ban Animax from their listings but then again they don’t know the fact that Anime is not for little kids but it is for grown ups.

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Does Animax will revive ?

Over the years, the number of anime viewers has undoubtedly increased in India. People now have set-top-box connections at their home. Everyone is now connected with the Internet, All the channels are at least known to the viewer if not available. This has increased awareness about the presence of Anime, in India. Thus, the audience has further increased. If Animax gets to know this fact and tries to restart in India, there is sure to be a massive TRP and Audiance than ever before. Thus, it will start getting sponsors and advertisements. This will help Animax pay carriage fee to DTH service, And this will lead towards revival in India.

What are the options for anime in India

You can watch anime online and also some channels are running like Toonami and Disney XD. Toonami is also experiencing the same problems as Animax right now and Disney XD dosen’t telecast anime programes that much. We hope that the popularity of anime in India will rise in furture.

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