What is a uniform civil code? All you need to know.


Today we are gonna understand, What is a uniform civil code? Because the Government of India is planning to implement the Uniform civil code in India. So, what is it and what are the things we should know will gonna be the topic of this post.

So, In today’s post, we are not gonna set any opinion nor we are here to conclude anything in a polarized way. Instead, we are just here to understand what is a Uniform Civil Code? And what does our constitution say about this?


So, What is a Uniform Civil Code?

So, Guys as you know we are humans and so as according to our nature, We indulge in so many mistakes and criminal activities Like murders, Thefts, and so many other criminal activities to deal with this we have criminal laws which are equally applicable everywhere in India.

But there are many such things in the lives of people, which cannot be called a criminal act, but for them, legal rules and laws are needed such a divorce, property transfer and many such civil disputes. So all the non-criminal activities that require law. For that Civil laws are applicable.

One nation one law

India is a diverse country and people from many religions live here and in religions, they have so many sections. And according to today’s situation, every religion and sections of religions have their civil laws and personal law boards in India and this Uniform Civil Code is the answer to all these differences. UCC means One Nation One Law.

“A Uniform Civil Code is one that would provide for one law for the entire country, applicable to all religious communities in their personal matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, etc.” Article 44 of the Constitution lays down that the state shall endeavor to secure a Uniform Civil Code for the citizens throughout the territory of India. So that everyone could enjoy equal rights.

But in today’s scenario, No one could get equal rights because of these different laws for religions. But all the religious groups were against this Uniform Civil Code they think that this law will diminish their authoritarian power from the society. They think equal rights could harm their religious beliefs. Because in today’s scenario there is no religion in the world that treats a man and woman equally.


But this Uniform Civil Code has nothing to do with Religion but it talks about giving equal rights to men and women. The Uniform Civil Code has nothing to do with which religion they come from. Article 44 has not been implemented in this country since its independence, “Because everyone’s religion is in danger”. And in India Religion equals Votes.

Another perspective of this whole situation

There is another perspective of this situation which you should know. Article 25-28 of the Indian constitution provides the right to religion and to perform religious practices to all the citizens of India. That means any religious practice which spreads gender inequality is legal by the constitution. And when you see this situation from this perspective then UCC is clearly a violation of freedom of religious practices. And if any UCC like laws that try to provide equal rights are being rejected by religious groups and male-dominated society.

What our constitution says

Another point is also that according to our constitution, This freedom of religion is justified as long as it does not violate the fundamental rights of others. As we saw in the Sabrimala case that India’s constitution gives more importance to equal rights than religious rights.

sabrimala temple

But nowadays in India, every religion has their own personal law boards which provide verdicts according to their religious beliefs. Which is really a wrong practice in my opinion. Let me give an example, We all belong to different religions and we all had read our religious books and also read what are the punishments provided in them for different crimes like frying the person on oil, Beheading, etc. are these punishments justifiable today?

For that situation, We have made common criminal laws for such criminal activities that are equally applicable regarding any religion and following this law does not endanger anyone’s religion. Then why shouldn’t we use common civil laws to provide justice? Think about it!

There should be a common civil law just like common criminal law and UCC is the law which could provide equal rights in this country. Also, there are many more perspectives regarding the Uniform Civil Code which we will talk about in later posts, This post’s motive is just to introduce you with UCC. I hope you liked our today’s post do share this information with your friends and family.

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