Unknown Stories Of 15th August You Should Know About

15th August

Hey folks Happy Independence day. We all know the fact that on 15th August 1947 India got the Independence from Britishers after 200 years, But do you ever herd of inside stories of 15th august 1947 when India is about to get Independence so, folks lets know about some unknown stories of Independence day (15th August).

1. Mahatma Gandhi did’t attended on Independence day celebration
MK Gandhi

India’s freedom struggle was led by Mahatma Gandhi, But when India was getting Independence on 15th of August 1947 he did’t participated on the celebration of Independence day , Because he did not think that it was a event of celebration, Inpendence from the British came at the cost of partition. Thousands had died, more would die after 15th August millions had been forced to abandon their homes and move to different places. Neighbours had killed each other after decades of living side by side and riots are happening all over the country.

In July 1947 he said “I cannot rejoice on August 15. I do not want to deceive you. But at the same time I shall not ask you not to rejoice. Unfortunately the kind of freedom we have got today contains also the seeds of future conflict between India and Pakistan. How can we therefore light the lamps?

2. Indian flag hadn’t hoisted at Lal Qila on 15th Aug 1947
Flag hoisting Lal Qila
Lal Qila

As we all know every year on 15th of August our Indian national flag is being hoisted by prime minister of India it’s almost like a tradition of India’s Independence day, But very few people know that Indian flag hadn’t hoisted in Lal Qila on 15th of aug insted flag has been hoisted on 16th of August and there is a very interesting story behind it, India’s first prime minister Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru had hoisted falg on 16th of Aug 1947 on Lal Qila actually Nehru had seen the flag hoisting ceremony is being celebrated on 16th of Aug in his Dreams. That is why he Hoisted the flag at 16th August.

3. Why Pakistan got Independence before India
Lord Mountbatten and nehru
Lord Mountbatten

On the above image you could see Lord Mountbatten along with Pt. Nehru he was India’s last viceroy and he selected the date of partition of India and the answer to “why Pakistan got Independence before India” even if they are technically the same country at that time is …….

(according to wikipedia) because Mountbatten administered the independence oath to Jinnah on the 14th, before leaving for India where the oath was scheduled on the midnight of the 15th. The night of 14–15 August 1947 coincided with 27 Ramadan 1366 of the Islamic calendar, which Muslims regard as a sacred night.

4. The Radcliffe line
Radcliffe line india pakistan 15th august
Radcliffe line

Till 15th of august pakistan’s and India’s borders were not decided and on 17th august both countries borders were decided by the formation of Radcliffe line , It was named after its architect Sir Cyril Radcliffe who is the joint chairman of the two boundary commissions. He received the responsibility to equally divide 450,000 km2 of territory with 88 million people.

5. This is how we got our national anthem
Rabindranath Tagore national anthem
Rabindranath Tagore

India definitely got Independence on 15 August but we dosen’t have our own national anthem. Rabindranath Tagore wrote Jana gana man in 1911 but later in 1950 this song became National anthem.

6. Tryst with destiny
Tryst of destiny Nehru 15 August
Tryst of destiny

when Historical speech Tryst with destiny was being given by Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru at Rastrapati bhavan the speech was herd all over the world but Mahatma Gandhi was not there because he slept earlier that night.

7. India was not only country who got Independence on 15th of August
Bahrain, South Korea, Congo independence day
Bahrain, South Korea, Congo

India was not the only country which got Independence on 15th of August. 15 August is also Independence day for three other countries, Bahrain got Independence from Britain at 15 August 1971, South korea got independence from Japan at 15 August 1945, Republic of Congo got independence from France at 15 August 1960.

so, Friends this are the facts that probably you haven’t herd of i hope you find this article informative, If you have any suggetions and ideas then let us know in the comment section. you can also contact us at our social media handles or mail us at: [email protected]

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