Times when ISRO bounced back


Folks you’re already aware of the Chandrayan 2 signal loss situation. The whole India is currently heartbroken as well as ISRO’s scientists after the sept. 7th incident when Vikram lander did a hard landing on the lunar surface because of loss of signal minutes before the touchdown. But folks we are here to remind you “There is no failures in science only lessions” here we are gonna know about how ISRO always bounces back from the failures and came stronger ever than before.

ISRO Cheif K Sivan

However a ray of hope has been found the orbiter had found the Vikram lander through thermal images. “Right now, communication is lost, but we are trying to re-establish contact with the lander over the next 14 days,” said K Sivan. We are sure ISRO will bounce back.

Young Abdul kalam ISRO
1960s Young Abdul Kalam

Maybe you are already familier with this pictures, In 1960s young abdul kalam assembling test rocket in Thumba and today India has reached to the Mars.

Apple satellite Isro
India’s first communication satellite

In 1981 ISRO’s scientists used to carry India’s first communication APPLE satellite on bullock cart and now ISRO has a orbiter over Mars.

Cryogenic technology
Yeltsin suspends rocket tech transfer to India

There was a time when U.S.S.R was to give the cryogenic engines to India, but the U.S. said a flat NO. On the above Indian Express 1992 article you can see the news of Soviet suspension of rocket technology transfer to India, And now ISRO had launched 104 satellites on one go on their own Rocket.

ISRO rocket on a cycle
1960s ISRO Scientists Carrying Rocket Parts For Launch On Bicycle

1987 ASLV launch ISRO
Aslv launch

1987 ASLV Launch With SROSS-1 Fails and
PM Rajiv Gandhi Tells ISRO Scientists Not to Lose Heart
And In 1992 isro Successfully Launched ASLV With SROSS In Orbit .

PSLV failur and success
PSLV’S failure and success

1993 PSLV Launched by isro Plunges Into Sea,
But In 1994 isro Bounced Back And Successfully Launched PSLV and now PSLV can lift payload upto 1,425 kg and this is the same rocket which carried 104 satellites into space.

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There is no such thing such as failur in the dictionary of science. Failure of Chandrayaan 2 is just a temorary setback for ISRO and i am sure ISRO will bounce back as always.

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