Three suns in the sky



Threesuninthesky,three, sun, sky,sundog,mocksun,
This phenomena has seen in many parts of the world, they are called a sun dog or a mock sun.No one knows how this phenomena got his name.

Sundog,mocksun, phenomenon
Mock sun
This is an atmospheric optical phenomena it consists of a bright spot to the left and the right of the Sun.
Some people also relate this with extraterrestrials.
Phenomenon, extraterrestrial,sundog,
This phenomena are happen when sun rays reflect from the ice crystals presents in the atmosphere.

Ice crystals in the air act like a Prism bending the sun rays and refracting them in such a way that sundogs appears,it also from sun halo, the sundog phenomena can also occurs at night when the moon is nearly full and particularly bright.
They are called moondog.
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the sundog

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