The Story Of Bhagwan Jagannath

Puri rath yatra

One of the Four sacred abodes of India is Jagannath Puri, where ancient legends still live on. Today I am gonna tell you the story of Bhagwan Jagannath of Puri so let’s begin.

story of lord jagannath
Indradyumna’s Court

once upon a time, A king called Indradyumna ruled central India. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu and had an ardent desire to see him. One day a traveling Sadhu came visiting the court and told him that Vishnu was worshipped in his truest form as Neel Madhav in Odisha.
The king immediately ordered the head priest’s brother Vidyapati to head towards Odisha in search of Neel Madhav, after a long tiring journey vidyapati reached Odisha there he found the tribal chief vishwavasu secretly guarding Neel Madhav. He pleaded Vishwavasu to show him the place of worship but vishwavasu refused.

Vidyapati continued to stay in the village. Eventually, he fell in love with Vishwavasu’s daughter and later got married to her. Soon after the wedding
Vidyapati told his wife to convince his father in law for just one glimpse of Neel Madhav.

Neel Madhav
Neel Madhav

On his daughter’s insistence Vishwavasu
finally agreed but on one condition vidyapati would be taken blindfolded, but vidyapati managed to outsmart the vishwavasu, on his way he dropped the mustard seeds to later track his way back to the king. Upon reaching the secret cave once the blindfold was removed vidyapati was spellbound to see the most magnificent image of Neel Madhav.

He rushed back to tell his king who at one set forth to catch a glimpse of his beloved lord, But later when the king reached the cave with vidyapati
they found it to be empty Neel Madhav had disappeared, ‘The king was devastated but he received a divine vision that he should go to puri
and draw ashore a log of wood which would be floating on the waves.

Jagannath puri

The king obeyed and really found a log floating on the shores of Puri. He brought it to the palace only to face a greater challenge. No one could carve through that hardwood, and since no one else has seen Vishnu no one could carve the figures in his likeness. When the task was getting impossible to execute Vishwakarma the artisans of gods appeared in the guise of an old carpenter. He convinced the king that he could carve out the idols on the condition that no one should disturb him for 21 days The king readily agreed.

Lord Jagannath

After the 15th day
the queen grew impatient and persuaded the king to open the door. Then he opened the door, There he saw that the carpenter had disappeared and left behind wooden idols in their incomplete form and it is believed that the same form of these iconic wooden idols is housed in the famous Jagannath temple in Puri.

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