The Battle Of Rezang La | Indo-China War 1962

Rezang La

Hi, This is Himanshu, and today I am gonna tell you the brave story of the battle of Rezang la. In this action on 18 November 1962, 114 Indian soldiers out of a total of 120 were Martyred, Whereas  1,300 Chinese soldiers were killed in the battle. ( According to Wikipedia )

Xi Jing Ping

In short, this is the Kesari of Ladakh, But before that let’s know something about China. China is the biggest superpower in Asia if not in the entire world. They have everything, They have the Technology, They’ve money and they have the largest population on the Earth. In short, China is powerful and nobody messes with it.

China bully Gian

We have to admit that China is like a bully, Who is constantly eyeing our land!

In 1962 China decided to capture more land of India, Maybe it has something to do with Tibbet and The Dalai Lama taking refuge in India!

Jammu and kashmir before 1962
Map illustration

This is our independent India and This is our then state Jammu and Kashmir. The north-western part of Jammu and Kashmir is already taken by our beloved neighbors. And Chinese troops were marching in from the North-eastern side of Ladakh. But the problem is India never expected that china would attack. But how wrong we were?

On 18th November 1962, 6000 Chinese troops entered Rezang la, A mountain pass just a little ahead of everyone’s favorite Pangong Lake. It was winter time with sub-zero temperature And Indian troops have No air support, No artillery support not even bulletproof vests Nothing! There was no way that India could win this war.

Major Shaitan Singh
Param Veer Major Shaitan Singh

But our brave soldiers led by Major Shaitan Singh Decided to fight back. There were 50 Chineses soldiers for every one Indian soldier. Chinese did a planned attack in the absolute darkness of 3 am with 200 soldiers first and India managed to push them back, But then more Chinese soldiers came and kept increasing in numbers.

Rezang la war
Rezang La 1962

By 6 am they brought in their big guns for the end game, By that time Indian soldiers were already fighting for three hours without any communication and backup from the ground troops. Because it was Ladakh so extreme and remote place and most importantly ignored by then government.

At one point our soldiers ran out of ammunition, But they didn’t ran out of bravery. They fought the Chinese with everything they had. Nayak Hukum Chand was fought so bravely that he crushed Chinese soldiers with his bare hands. The soldiers fighting this losing battle had a chance to withdraw, They had the Excuse!!

Nayak Hukum chand
Nayak Hukum Chand

But the second in command said “साहब जी पीछे हटने की मत सोचो एक भी अहीर कहा नहीं मानेगा” means “Sir, don’t even ask us to fall back non of us are going to follow that.” All the soldiers were shot in the head or the chest nobody ran away, They were not shot in the back!

Indo-China war
1962 War

For 120 dead Indians, there were 1000 dead Chinese. This is the story of Charlie Company of 13 Kumaon Regiment. This was the last man, last round battle.

This was just the small battle from the Indo-China war 1962, But this is so important for us to know because without this battle Ladakh would have been a part of China. All the people who come to Ladakh owe a great debt to these warriors. You need to understand this, This battle was not lost to Chinese, But we lost this because of our unpreparedness and think how many issues we are still unprepared about?

Climate change, economic slowdown, Pandemic, Population. These bullies attack us at midnight when we are least expecting it and unless we act on them right now no form of bravery can save us. This article is for the spirit of these soldiers, These mountains, and the people of Ladakh who have just discovered a new meaning of independence. Let’s value our independence as much as they value theirs.

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