Terrifying footage of Hawaiian Lava flow of Kilauea volcano 2018

Hawaiian lava flow

In March 2018, the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory fund some unusual increase in pressure of Kilauea Volcano, Later that week magma started migrating underground into the lower Puna region of Kilauea’s lower east rift zone. Following days hundreds of small earthquakes were detected on Kīlauea’s East rift zone, leading officials to issue evacuation warnings. By May 31, 87 houses in Leilani Estates and nearby areas had been destroyed by lava. By June 4, with the lava having crossed through Kapoho and entered the ocean, the confirmed number of houses lost had reached 159. Two weeks later, The confirmed number of homes lost had risen to 657 And this footage below contains some terrifying videos of many events of lava flow around Hawaii.

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