Rare Photographs Of Albert Einstein


Hey, Guys today we gonna show you some rare photographs of Great Scientist and Genius Albert Einstein. So, Let’s get started.

1. Einstein With His Wife Elsa At The Grand Canyon In 1931
Einstein with his Wife
2.Albert Einstein Posing For A Portrait
Einstein Portrait
Portrait Of Einstein’s
3. Einstin With Peter Zeeman In Zeeman’s laboratory, Amsterdam 1920.
Albert Einstein
4. Here He Is With Fritz Haber, The Nobel Prize Winning Chemist.
Fritz haber with Einstein
Einstein and Fritz haber
5.Here He IS Having A Picnic In The woods Near Oslo, 1920.
Einstin Picnic
Einstin In Picnic
6. Albert Einstein Aboard The SS Deutschland, In 1931.
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
7. Albert Einstein Walking Into The Campus Of Princeton University.
Albert Einstein Walking
Albert Einstein in Princeton
8. He Was Offered The Presidency Of Israel In 1952.
Albert Einstein Israel
Albert Einstein
9. Albert Einstein With His Wife Elsa.
Albert Einstein with wife
Einstein’s wife

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” – Albert Einstein

Einstein’s quote

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