Rare And Unseen Pictures Of Indian History

Unseen history

we know our India’s history is filled with ups and downs almost like a roller coaster ride, and here you can get to see amazing and nostalgic pictures of Indian History.

Physicist Homi. J. Bhabha With Albert Einstein, Japanese Physicist Hideki Yuka, American Physicist John Wheeler in Princeton University.
Homi jahangir bhabha
Physicist Homi. J. Bhabha

1980s PM Rajiv Gandhi Working On Computer. Rajiv Gandhi Also Established C-Dot Which Led to Telecom Revolution In Rural India.
rajiv gandhi
Rajiv Gandhi

1974 PM Indira Gandhi Visiting Pokharan after India’s first Nuclear Bomb test Smiling Buddha.
Iron lady Indira gandhi
Indira Gandhi

India Explodes Nuclear bomb in 1974
India's first nuclear explosion
The Sunday Statesman

1960 Young A.P.J Kalam With Vikram Sarabhai In ISRO 

Ladakh Of 1960s

1955 King of Saudi Arabia Being Welcomed In Varanasi 
India and Saudi history
King Of Saudi Arebia

1950 Queen Elizabeth With Prince Philip On The Tiger Hunting Expedition In India
Queen Elizabeth tiget haunting in India
Indian Tiger Haunting

1950 New City Chandigarh Under Construction It Was Planned By The Famous French Architect Le Corbusier. 

1949 First Willys Jeep Built In India by Mahindra & Mahindra
Mahindra jeep
Mahindra Jeep

1947 Congress Delegates Voting For Partition of India (Photo- Homai Vyarawalla ) 
Partition of India
Voting for Partition Of India

1946 Bullock Crats are Prohibited Infront Of Parliament Delhi
Parliament Delhi
Parliament Of India

1930 Zebra Cart In Calcutta
Zebra Carts in calcutta
Zeabra Cart

1920s __ India Gate Under Construction , Delhi ( Photo – LTPhotoArchive) – India
India gate under construction
India Gate Delhi

1918 ( World War 1) Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala Inspecting Railway Gun On Western Front ( Photo – NAM_London ) 
Rail tank India world war one

1897 21 Sikh Soldiers Defending British Army Post Against 10000 Pashtuns at – Saragarhi
battle of saragarhi

so, Friends this are the photographs of Indian History that probably you haven’t seen before, I hope you find this post informative, If you have any suggetions and ideas then let us know in the comment section. you can also contact us at our social media handles or mail us at: [email protected]

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