Now Charge Your Smartphone 0-100% in just 13 Mins

120W fast charging
Vivo fast charging
vivo fast charging

Hey geeks, In the world of smartphones everything is getting faster day by day and we also need a technology which can charge smartphone’s battery faster, what if you can charge your smartphone from 0-100% in just 30 mins? So geeks in todays article you all gonna know about vivo’s new 120 watt fast charging technology.

Friends 3-5 years ago there was a time when charging a phone takes upto 3-5 hours of time, since then we have moved a lot forward now more than 50 percent of smartphones supports some kind of fast charging. Nowdays things are even getting faster there are definitely obvious examples like oneplus’s dash charger,oppo’s vooc charging, qualcomm’s quick charge there are many techcnologies which uses different kind of power outputs ranging from 5 watts to 50 watts through which our smartphone’s battries gets charged very fast. But in the month of march Xiaomi showcased its own 100 watt fast chrging technology which charged a 4000 mah battery in just 17 mins, until now that was just a demonstration we haven’t seen such commercially available finished product, But definitely it was the indication of future.

xiaomi 100 watt charging

Vivo Unveiled 120 Watt Super Flash Charge Technology

Vivo’s 120 watt super flash charge technology could charge a 4000 mah battery in just 13 minutes, which is like just quick, vivo also demonstrated in a video where phone’s battery reached 0-14% in just 16 seconds. Definitely this technology will take some time to reach in to the hands of consumers after testing safety compliances and safety measures because heating issue could be a major bottleneck for this technology to work lets see how companies could make this technology works better and efficiently.

vivo 120w charging demo

Rightnow in the market the fastest charging option is oppo’s super vooc, which supports 50watts which charges oppo find x lamborghini edition’s 3500mah battery just in just 35 minutes. Although Huawei once unveiled 55w fast charging technology but that is not available in the market currently.

So geeks what do you think about this amazing technology let us know in the comments how much time do your smartphone takes to charge.

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