Mysterious Crater Lonar lake

meteor lake

Hey friends today’s post is all about a mysterious crater of Maharashtra created by the impact of a meteor called Lonar Lake.

Maharashtra’s Mysterious and the most well-kept secret is the Lonar lake. It is the world’s largest crater created by the impact of a meteor. This Lake was created about 52000 years ago when a 2 Million tonne meteor impacted the earth at the speed of 9000 Kmph.

meteor crater
credits: naturallygeographicbeauty

The impact of the Meteor created a crater 150 meters deep and 1.8 km wide. Not many people were aware of this mysterious and beautiful place. The lake has made scientists question their theories. The lake is both alkaline and saline in nature at the same time. This lake consists of microorganisms which rarely found elsewhere on the earth. compass doesn’t work here. And no one knows what lies at the bottom of the lake.

Locals claim that the lake was the demons den. Every year many tourists attract to this lake. You must experience the ancient temples with ancient Indian architecture around this lake and the stories related to them. The view of this mighty crater is the only one of its kind. Its co-ordinates on the Google Map is 19.9758° N, 76.5069° E. And here is the video of Lonar lake.

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