Most Shocking Things About Plastic Pollution

plastic pollution

Plastic pollution involves the accumulation of plastic products in the enviroment that negatively affects the life on Earth. We regularly see many articles, posts, showing and alarming us about climate change but we never seems to care about our enviroment, But believe me its hurting us badly, hope todays article will open your eyes about what happening around us because of Plastic pollution, Which ultimately leading us towards disaster.

Here Are The Most Shocking Facts About Plastic Pollution

  • About 322 million tons of Plastic were produced in 2105 ( same weight as 900 Empire state building ). plastic bottle

  • Every half second this much plastic makes into the world’s ocean.platic trash

  • There is more microplastic in ocean than there are stars in the Milkyway. Microplastic of oceans

  • More than 50% of sea Turtles have consumed plastic once in a lifetime.sea turtle in pollution

  • Only 25% of all the used bottles in the world are recycled each year. recycled bottle

  • It is predicted that there will be 10% rise in Plastic waste each year.polluted river

  • About 50% of plastic that people use are used only once.plastic pollution

  • 8 out of 10 people in the world have plastic chemicals in their body.plastic chemicals

  • About 72 Billion gallons of water is required anually to make plastic bottles. plastic bottle

  • About 97% of plastic ever produced on earth still exist in some form or shape.jumping in sea

Earth our home is already headed towards disaster and we are the cause of it and we are liable to rectify our mistakes.

bird died by consumption of plastic
Results of Plastic pollution

Shocking facts about plstic pollution

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