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Google earth

Most of you people had saw a programme on Science channels called What on Earth ? Today i bring you the same kind of quirky places around the Earth. This places are manmade, some are formed naturally some are purposefully made to be appeared on Google Earth, I will also share the location of that amazing places on Google earth.

Airplane home in woods
Airplane home
Airplane Home

This Image is from Oregon USA, You can find this place on Google Earth on given coordinates 45°24’29″N 123°00’28″W . A person named Bruce Campbell bought this plane and converted it into a Aeroplane house. Since then this place has gone viral all over the internet.

credits: Raul and Allison Cruz

Fish like gold mine
lake cowal gold mine
Lake cowal

This is Lake cowal gold mine of Australia which looks like a fish from above and this is the only information we have about this place. This is the google coordinates of that place 33°38’17″S 147°24’26″E .

Shipwreck in Sorth Sentinel island
North Sentinal island

This is the same island where an American preacher John chau was killed trying to contact the inhabitanats of this island. There is a wrecked Hong Kong vessel which has a chilling story the sailors on-board were attacked by Sentinelese and that confrontation turned into global headlines, Later they were rescued by helicopters. This is the google map coordinates 11°35’36″N 92°12’45″E .

Chatrapati Shivaji Crop Art
Chatrapati shivaji
Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Farm Art

This is an incredible Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj crop art from the Farmers of small village in Nilanga, Latur, Maharashtra. And here is this location’s coordinates 18°08’08 N 76°45’32 E .

Kiuva Island Plane crash
kiuva Plane

At first this image looks like a plane submerged in sea but in reality it is a plane in flight, not a submerged plane wreck. It resembles other planes caught in flight elsewhere on Google Earth, and not a Submerged wreck. Actually no aircraft mishap reported for that location. And this is the coordinates of that place 18°03’23″S 178°41’07″E .

World’s largest Coca-cola logo
World's largest Coca-Cola logo Chile
World’s largest Coca-Cola logo Chile

This big Coca-Cola logo carved in a mountain of chile and here is it’s coordinates 18°31’45″S 70°14’58″W .

Oshima Island shipwreck
oshima island Shipwreck
oshima island Shipwreck

Everyone thaught that this is a real shipwreck but actually it is a maps error – possibly an accidental blend of satellite imagery. There is no such wrecked ship present there. Here is the location of that place 34°41’18″N 139°26’14″E .

Heart shape in sea
Heart shape in sea
Heart shape in sea

There is a heart shape in Eggano island Indonesia and here is it’s coordinates 5°24’36″S 102°09’43″E .

Batman Sign in roof
bat sign in pocinki
Bat sign in roof

There is a bat sign in the roof of an office in an airport of Okinawa, Japan. and here is it’s coordinates 26°21’28″N 127°47’01″E . And ironically this bulding’s name is Pocinki like PUBG.

Nazca lines Astronaut
Nazca astronaut
Nazca lines

‘Astronaut’, the Nazca Lines, Peru. This one looks like an alien and there are those who believe extraterrestrials made the designs… and this is it’s coordinates 14°44’42″S 75°04’47″W .

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