Man who planted a 1360 Acre Forest Alone

The Forest Man

Today I am gonna introduce you with a legend who planted an 1360 Acre forest alone named Jadav “Molai” Payeng.

If a person is sitting under the shade of a tree, that is because someone planted a tree a long time ago“. Friends, Nowadays we are messing with nature a lot to meet our needs. Cities are expanding and jungles are shrinking, The population of humans on Earth increases by 1.1% every year and we are destroying our trees, which is our main source of oxygen. Unfortunately, no one is talking about this situation or not even trying to stop deforestation. But there are some people among us who are very aware of the environment and one of them is Mr. Jadav payeng his story is gonna be our today’s topic.

Forest man
Molai forest

His life is an example for all of us that how a single person can create wonders. Former president of India had given him the name ” The Forest Man of India”. He has also won The Padmashree award the fourth highest civilian award in India.

Jadav Payeng was born in 1963 in Mishing Tribe of Assam. In Jorhat Assam, there is the world’s largest river island Majuli which is completely covered by the Brahmaputra river. Every year from the last few decades, a small part of this island is being swept away by floods. If this continues, this island may not survive in the coming years.

“The snakes died in the heat, without any tree cover. I sat down and wept over their lifeless forms,” said Payeng 

River Island
Majuli island

Since his childhood, Jadav Payeng was worried about Majuli island 🏝 . At the age of 16, when he saw that due to less number of trees, there was so much destruction by the flood and so many animals got killed. Then he started by planting 20 bamboos. later he contributed to the forest department’s plan to plant trees on 200 hectares of land. He worked as a laborer there.

The completion of that plan took 5 years. After the completion, Mr. jadav stayed there keeps on caring for the trees and started planting more trees alone. He made a little house in Majuli island and lived with his family. His family also helped him to pursue his passion for planting trees.

When the trees get bigger Mr. Jadav faced some major challenges because of greedy people wanting to cut those trees for monetary profits. Even poachers tried to hunt animals of that jungle. But Mr. Jadav always saves the jungle by informing the forest department of any suspicious activity. Even he fought some goons to save the forest.

Molai forest is home to different species of plants and animals such as Bengal Tiger, Assamese Rhinos, deers and elephants. he worked hard since 1979 to grow this forest. Now, this 1360 acres of barren land is turned into a lush green forest. Now, this forest is known as the Molai forest In the name for Mr. Jadav Molai.

Molai forest
Mr. Jadav Molai

In 2008, when a journalist saw this forest, he wished to know about the forest. The journalist wrote an article about him after which people started to know about his work. Payeng is a hero because he has proven that with commitment, blood, sweat, knowledge, and dedication to making a difference, one person can truly make a difference.

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