India’s Worst Rail Disaster

Dhanushkodi cyclone

Friends, we have one of the oldest and largest railway system in the world and the Indian railway is like the spine of this country. Without the Indian railway, we can’t imagine how our life would be. But because of poor infrastructure, many rail accidents have happened at regular intervals, Although with the help of new technology and booming Indian economy things are getting better at a very fast pace. But there are many worst and chilling stories of rail disasters that have happened in the past. Today we are gonna know about one such disaster that happened in the southernmost part of India “The Dhanushkodi passenger train accident”. No one came out alive from that accident to tell the horror of that train wreck.

tamilnadu cyclone
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22 December 1964, Many meter gauge trains were used to run between Tamilnadu’s Dhanushkodi and Rameshwaram. Dhanuskodi is the same place from where Shri ram has started the construction of Ram Setu to go to Lanka to save Mata Sita. Just 4 Days before 22 December a cyclone was erupted because of low atmospheric pressure in the South Andaman Sea which started moving towards southern parts of India. The speed of this cyclone was between 400-500 Km/ph. On 22 December this cyclone touched the Dhanushkodi with a wind speed of more than 250 Km/Ph. At that time heights of the waves were above 30 feet. On the same night at about 11:50 PM Train No. 653 Pamban-Dhanushkodi daily meter gauge train was departed from Pamban railway station towards Dhanuskodi. According to the ticket records, 110 passengers and 5 railway staff were onboard the train but there was not any record of passengers onboard without tickets. As soon as the train reached 100 meters before the Pamban bridge the train was thrown into the sea by a huge splash of waves. no one came out alive from this accident.

Dghanushkodi ghost Town

Many people say that when the train was moving towards Dhanuskodi, the loco pilot stopped getting signals on track then the pilot waited for some time and decided to take a huge risk to cross the Pamban Bridge on that stormy night. This cyclone was so strong that it destroyed the whole of Dhanuskodi Village. every house was destroyed, since then no one lived there. Dhanuskodi is also known as a ghost town. It was one of the worst rail accidents in Indian railway history. Although construction of a new modern rail bridge is under construction Pamban.

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