How To Visit Vizag In 3 Days


Hey backpackers, My name is Himanshu and I have visited Vizag(Visakhapatnam) a year ago and here I am going to share my travel experience with you. If you are a person who just wants to chill on holidays then this article in not relevant for you, this article is just for the explorer kind of travellers.

Vizag is also known as the goa of the east. It is a nicely developed and one of the most beautiful cities in India, Vizag is a port city it has a naval base of Indian Navy of eastern command. It is also an education and medical hub for the eastern coast of India. Vizag is one of the oldest port city in India and I also forgot to mention that Araku valley is a must for all Vizag visitors. And also the best thing about Vizag is, It is a very clean city and very less crowded which makes your travel experience amazing. So let’s get straight into the itinerary of Vizag (Visakhapatnam).

How To Reach Vizag

Vizag is connected with every means of transport available in India. You can go there at a very cheap cost you can get the train to Vizag from every major cities in India, you can also go there by 24-hour bus service, Vizag has also an airport you can get there by budget domestic flights and also some international flights are connected to Vizag.


  • Day 1:- You reach Vizag get a hotel according to your requirement and then you should head towards Kailashgiri.
statue kailashgiri

Kailashgiri is a hilltop park in the center of the city. You can go up to the hill by road and also there is a cable car available to climb up to the hill, Also there is a toy train which takes you around the hill and huge statues of Shankar and Parvati at the top which is very picturesque, food options up here is very limited but very cheap and tastes good and also the view of the city and coastline from up here is very mesmerizing. visiting Kailash Giri takes at least 3 hrs.

Vuda kailashgiri
view from Kailshgiri

After Kailshgiri you should head towards the Aircraft museum and Ins Kursura.

The aircraft museum is one of the must-visit places in Vizag. It is also known as TU 142 aircraft museum, it has a preserved Tupolev TU-142 aircraft it was established in 2017 by president Ram Nath Kovind. Inside the museum, you can see many kinds of missiles, aircraft equipment, dress code of onboard officers, jet engines and you can understand the functionings of TU-142 aircraft. Also, you can go inside the aircraft but taking pictures there is strictly prohibited.

Ins Kursua Museum. INS Kurusura served the Indian Navy for 31 years and then it was decommissioned and converted into a submarine museum in 2001 making it the only submarine museum in all of Asia and second in the world. With a length of 91.3 meters and a width of 8 meters, the INS Kurusura submarine played a major role in a number of wars including the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Inside the Ins Kursura, you can see how these submarines were functional back then and how the sailor’s life is like inside the submarine, inside there are instructors who tell you about the submarine, actually they were former navy personnel. Without visiting Ins Kursura a trip to Vizag is incomplete.

And also sit near the Rk beach at the evening eating street foods and feeling the fresh breeze of the Bay of Bengal that will be the most relaxing experience at the end of the day, at evening the atmosphere of RK Beach is amazing and that’s how your day 1 will end.

  • Day 2:- This could be the best part of your trip on the second day you should go on a road trip to Araku valley.
Araku valley

Just 112 km away from Vizag you can experience hill station enriched with hazy forests, coffee gardens, mesmerizing caves, amazing waterfalls and local culture with amazing local cuisine and whatnot, This is one hell of an experience after feeling the breeze of the sea to feeling the freshness of mountains. This is what you get in Araku valley.

Araku valley could be a memorable road trip for your friends and family. There you can experience amazing Chaparai Waterfalls, Katiki waterfalls going to waterfalls is a great trekking experience for the young people, and you can buy amazing farm-grown coffee on the way to Araku valley from the Coffee gardens of Ananthagiri hills. and you should experience the Araku tribal museum and should know the ancient tribal culture of Araku valley. The tribal museum is a kind of statue museum depicting the Araku valley’s tribal culture and also don’t forget to try the specialty of Araku valley’s Bamboo chicken. The best part of the Araku valley road trip is it’s hazy forests and always flowing fresh air.

Borra caves stairs
Borra caves stairs

Borra caves are like icing on the cake on Araku valley trip, Borra cave is among the largest caves in the country which is located at a height of around 705 meters. Dating back to 1807, these caves are made of karstic limestone which is illuminated by artificial lightings inside the cave which looks mesmerizing. Borra caves literally feel like stepping into a fantasy world. And that’s how your day 2 could be ended.

  • Day 3:- On day 3 in Vizag, you can go to visit the city and can do fun and swimming activities at Rishikonda beach and should visit the most beautiful beach of Vizag Yarada beach.
Vizag beach

Rishikonda Beach is equipped with breathtaking beauty, It has beautiful hills and an amazing curved coastline making it the only beach in Vizag were swimming and watersports under expert supervision. you can chill here with your family, Do swimming,boating, scuba diving, quad bike rides are also available here, Showers are also available here so, you don’t need to worry about swimming in the sea, Ambiance of that sea is really amazing.

  • Rishokonda beach view
  • Rishikonda beach rocks
  • Rishikonda beach waves
  • Yarada beach hills
  • Vizag beach
Yarada beach

yarada beach is the most stunning beach in Vizag. It is an ideal place especially for nature lovers as one gets to view enchanting sunrise and sunsets on this coastline. This beach is very less crowded as no such proper means of transport is available to go there although you can go there by personal taxies. It has amazing scenery which is ideal for tourists to spend quality time with their loved ones and the superb scenery gives an ideal backdrop to Yarada Beach.

You should also visit the Dolphin Nose Lighthouse which opens at 3 pm from there you can get a glimpse of giant ships going to the Visakhapatnam port. And that’s how your Vizag trip could be completed. The cost of a Vizag trip could be rs. 5000 per person assuming a group of 3 peoples.

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Vizag in 3 days

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