How Mumbai Has Made: Part 1


Our Mayanagri Mumbai is The Richest and the most popular city in India. All because of Bollywood and being the economic capital of India with a GDP of more than 400 Billion dollars (More than many countries on earth).In Mumbai, More than 2 crore people live just in the area of 603 square KMs. Folks this city is built with hard work and today we are gonna know how Mumbai was built from scratch.

The Mumbai you see today was nothing like that, earlier it was a group of small islands. As you can see in this image that Mumbai was divided into seven islands. These islands were not connected to each other that’s why commuting between them was not easy. And back then it was technologically impossible to construct a bridge between them.

Histpry of mumbai
Source: Wikipedia

Mumbai holds a very rich history, According to the archeological survey of India through their findings, They concluded that those islands were inhabited since
the stone age. 2300 years ago this place is called Haptanesia. During the 3rd century, this place is ruled by the Mauryan empire and then in the 7th century by the Satavahana empire, Then this place was captured by Bahadur shah and Later arrival of Europeans had happened.

Source: Wikipedia (Portugese in India)

In 1534 Portugal signed the treaty of Bassein with Muslim ruler Humayun and Bahadur Shah. After that Portuguese started controlling these islands. Portuguese started shaping these islands into small towns.

But first, let’s know about the geography of these islands.
As you can see in the image above, The southernmost island was called Colaba Where Koli fisherman resides. 2nd is little Colaba and 3rd one is Bombay island whose history tied with The Mauryan empire. 4th is Mazagaon, It was known for its fishing industry. Until the 17th century, Mazagaon got the initial shape of Mumbai. Mumbai had born on this Island 300 years ago. Next is Worli where Haji Ali is situated, It’s merger with Mumbai happened in 1784. Next is Parel, According to history in the 13th century this island was under the control of King Bheem Dev, Later it was captured by the Portuguese. 7th and the last island is Mahim, In the 13th century
It was the Capital of king Bheem Dev’s empire, Later it came under the control of The Portuguese.

When these seven islands were ruled by the Portuguese, Parallelly Britishers were colonizing India and they wanted their control over these islands. Later Prince Charles II sent a marriage proposal to Portuguese princes Cathrine which was accepted by the Portuguese. Later they gave the control of these seven islands to Britishers as Dowry. Prince Charles found that there was a very big problem of
Communication between these islands, he felt these islands were useless for him so Britisers leased these islands to the East India Company with a very minuscule amount of just 10 pounds. From there The story of the shaping Mumbai had started.

I hope you liked my today’s post How Mumbai took its shape we will know in the next part of this story. Peace!

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