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Evolution is happening for thousands of years on Earth, Before the existence of humans and animals, the nature of the earth was different. Earth was completely different earlier. In the beginning, the Earth was like a burning ball of fire which cooled down as time goes. After the formation of the Moon Earth got its own climate. The Oceans were formed and life started on Earth. This was a small introduction to the beginning of life on earth. But do you know how different landmasses or continents were formed on this earth? how countries got their geography as we see today? How our beloved country India got its shape? you will get to know all of your answers in today’s post.

The Earth we see today through satellite images and maps was completely different millions of years ago. 225 million years ago, every part of the earth was connected with each other means there wasn’t any continent. There was only a single big landmass on earth whose name was Pangaea. Later the tectonic plates of Pangaea started breaking into many parts and many continents formed.

Pangaea started breaking from the Antarctic circle. After that, landmasses like India, South America, Africa, and Australia have started breaking off from Pangea. The movement of tectonic plates under the Earth is a Continuous process, That is the reason why Pangea was broken into many parts. Millions of Years ago Pangea broke into two pieces whose southern part is known as Gondwanaland and the Northern part as Laurasia and the sea formed between them was known as Permo-Triassic. This process itself is so amazing that it took millions of years to complete. Later Laurasia broke into three continents such as North America, Europe, and Asia, while Australia and Africa were formed from Gondwanaland.

Formation Of India

Formation Of India
Geography of India

Geographically India is a part of Asia but millions of years ago this piece of land was part of Gondwanaland. Because of the movement of tectonic plates, The landmass of India started separating from the Gondwana land, It started moving towards Asia this journey lasted many years. Finally, That landmass collided with Asia and joined with it, That’s how India became a part of Asia. That is how India Formed.

Because of the collision of India’s Land with the Asian land, The world’s biggest mountain range Himalayas was formed. If you think this process completes in a few years, then you are absolutely wrong because the Earth takes millions and millions of years to take its form and shape. Indian tectonic plate is continuously moving inside Asia, Due to which the height of these mountains is increasing year on year.

Alfred Lothar Wegener
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Alfred Wegener first introduced the concept of Pangaea. He was a Polar Research, Geophysicist, and Meteorologist. He also discovered that life was present on earth when the drifting of landmasses was happening. You have seen how the earth has changed on its axis since ancient times and this change is still going on and we are not even aware of this and Earth is still changing Although these changes take millions of years to happen.

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