Enough We should stop ignoring North East

Seven Sisters

North East is ignored very much by the rest of the India, No one cares about ‘The Seven Sisters’. Even the media dosen’t report the events happening in The North East. I am really sorry to say this but the way i see it we have been ignoring every single problem of the North East. Today we are gonna know some facts and understand why we should start caring about North East.

And the problems starts in 1947
Map of north east
Map Of North East India

Look at the map above this is a serious joke to India done by the Brits while leaving India, This doodle is made by a person named Radcliffe. Who came to India on 8th july 1947 who knew nothing about India and yet he was made in-charge of India’s partition !

Illigal Immigration problem of North East

Let’s talk about East Pakistan ( Now its Bangladesh). अतिथि देवो भवः means guest is god, We have always belived in this saying thats why India became home to 10 million Bangladeshi refugees, Indian soldiers have fouught and died for Bangladesh’s liberation, But today, Illegal Immigration has became a serious problem for entire North East.

Indo bangla border
India Bangladesh Border

4156 Kms thats how long is India’s border with Bangladesh and its very difficult for the border control to control such a huge border. People from Tripura says that how a Bangladeshi can just cross the border and get an Adhaar card mader for just ₹400. India already has a population problem can we afford this illegal immigrants ? And the scariest part of this illegal immigrants is that they even managed to get a voter id card because of some Vote hungry politicians and cast their votes at Indian elections.

illigal immigrants
smugglers of Bangladesh

But please don’t get us wrong we feel Bangladesh is a good friend. Recently a jawan lost his arm because 25 smugglers threw a grenade at him and we can not ignore all of this !

But media won’t show you all of this! because it dosen’t matter to them. The North East is the real minority and their problems are not glamorus enough showing them dosen’t “SELL” The news !

Seven Sisters need our attention
Bogibeel bridge
Bogibeel Bridge

Our Seven sisters need our attention because basic things like transportation is still a problem. This is the Bogibeel Bridge in the image above is in Assam and it connects lower and upper Assam across the Brahmaputra river and cuts travel time drastically (40 hours to just 15 hours) for people in Assam and in Arunachal Pradesh, This bridge was promised to the people in 1985 and it was completed in 2018 (33 years to complete a 5 km long bridge) Really ?

But our media won’t show you all of this, Because it dosen’t matter Right! Bad infrastructures, No help in disasters, No identity! Don’t you think its wrong and nobody talking about this. But why i am say all of this ? Because i want you to know how special The North East is!

7 Amazing things about The North East India
No.1 Arunachal Pradesh
people of arunachal pardesh in 1962

In 1962 people fought Chinese soldiers with the vessels in their house just because they wanted to be a part of India.

No.2 Meghalaya
cherapunji waterfall

Meghalaya means “The Abode of Clouds”. It has the wettest place on the Earth called Mawsynram and also has the cleanest village in Asia called Mawlynnong.

No.3 Nagaland

Along with the other North Eastern states Nagaland grows the spiciest cilli in the world called Bhootjalokia (Ghost pepper)

No.4 Manipur

Its where the game of Polo was invented and Manipur is also the Home of Mary Kom!

No.5 Assam
One horned rhino

Assam is the only place in India where you can find the One Horned Rhino. In fact it has the largest One Horned Rhino population in the entire world.

No.6 Tripura
Dipa karmakar

Our best performance at Gymnastics at the olympics was by Dipa karmakar and she is from Tripura.

No.7 Mizoram
Pukzing cave

There is a cave in Mizoram named Pukzing Cave carved by a man usin a hairpin.

And this is just a tip of the iceberg, There is so much more in the North East!

Isn’t this amazing? and is’t this worth preserving? then why don’t we talk about the North East and its problems? we can change that, Create awareness by sharing this information with your friends and family, Because we believe in the power of good.

north east economictimes
An article of Economic times

Understand this there is a lot to learn from why Bangladesh wanted to separate from Pakistan. Its because The people of Bangladesh felt constantly left out, Discrimination, Genocide and constant ignorance! The North East has been ignored so long the we are just testing their patience till they revolt. All these people are Indian as they can get, North East is as Indian as it can get and as we call them chinese,nepali, chinki etc. we are drawing a line between us and them. Lets not draw line, lets build a bridge and no matter how much time it takes when 1.3 Billion people want to achive something i know that nothing is impossible. Believe that we could make a difference.

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