Do You Really Know Who Ravana was?

Ravana Facts

We all have a negative image of Ravana in our mind that Ravana was a cruel and arrogant king, a demon, and an arrogant who despise everything. But very few of us know that Ravana was a powerful king, an intellectual, and an immense devotee of Lord Shiva, who could go to any extent to protect his family.

Ravana is the primary antagonist in the ancient Indian epic Ramayana where he is depicted as Rakshasa ( A demon) and the Great King of Lanka. (Wikipedia)

Ravana was born not as a demon nor a Brahmin, But he was the son of sage Vishrava who was a Brahmin. His mother Kaikesi was a Kshatriya Rakshasi (A warrior Demon clan). Ravana was a person who has a Brahmin’s mind and has demonic powers. His Pushpak Vimana was very famous (A kind of ancient aircraft), which Lord Ram used when he returned after saving Mata Sita. But people do not know that Ravana had many such airplanes and still a lot of airports in Sri Lanka which are said to have used by Ravana, such as Weragantota and Thotupola Kanda.

Friends, do you know that Ravana’s name was given By Lord Shiva. It is told in the stories that Ravana wants that Lord Shiva should move to Lanka from Kailash.
But Shiv Ji didn’t agree, So Ravana started uprooting Mount Kailasha then Shiv ji put his foot on Mount Kailash, because of which the Ravana’s hands were crushed.The trapped king roared and screamed violently and was thus named Ravana ( a loud roar).

Ravana was a very powerful being who has captured all of the 3 Lokas (3 dimensions). Ravana is considered as the most intelligent man of his time and
was told in the Ramayana that when Ravana was lying on the death bed, Rama sent Lakshmana to sit with him overnight so that he could teach Laxmana how to run and control a kingdom.

It is believed that Ravana was so powerful that he controlled the Navagraha (Nine Planets). Ravan even attacked Shanidev Not just an attack, but he also kept Shani Dev captive for some time. Ravana had many names His most popular name was Dashanan. Ravana was an ideal Brother and an ideal husband, He made such a big decision to avenge the insult of his sister Surpanakha. On the other hand, to save his wife, he got up from the yagna by which he could destroy Ram Ji’s army.
Apart from this, there are many places in India, Sri Lanka and in many countries of Southeast Asia where Ravana is worshiped, Kailash temple of Kanpur opens once a year on Dussehra where Ravana is worshiped.

Friend my question is why we see Ravana as evil and arrogant king. Instead, there was no one as powerful and intelligent as Ravana. No one is evil or no one is bad there were no Rama without Ravana. They came to teach us lessons about life we should learn the values of family and life from Ravana as we learn from Lord Rama.

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