Coolest tech gadgets under ₹1000

Retro tv

Hey folks today i have to show you some coolest gadgets under ₹1000 out there on Amazon which you can buy right now. These gadgets are unique and useful in their own way so, Lets get started.

1. Retro TV bluetooth speaker and mobile stand

Retro tv bluetooth speaker
Retro TV bluetooth speaker

This is the retro TV style bluetooth speaker and mobile stand. This is a Bluetooth speaker designed like an old Retro TV, It has asmartphone holder slot where you can put your smartphone and enjoy your content, This stand can hold upto 6 inch sized smatphones and also supports FM Radio, How cool is that and insanely creative as well, here you get the 3W speakers and it sounds really good, this also has a mic so you can attain you calls as well currently its selling on Amazon at about ₹ 800. Here is the best buy link of this Retro TV bluetooth speaker :

2.Beat O smartphone glucometer kit

Beato smartphone glucometer kit
Beat O Glucometer Kit

This is a must have gadget if you have someone with diabetes in you home. Beat O glucometer help you to monitor your sugar levels with the help of your smartphone without the need to go to the lab for the blood test, Beat O is an Indian company you get 20 stripes in the box although you can buy more from the Amazon, All you need is to just take your blood sample with the help of prick pen given in thebox and put your blood on the strip as it get sucked into the strip now isert your strip, Now this will how you your blood sugar level with the help of a Beat O app available on the app store and play store . Currently this device is available on Amazon at the price of ₹ 699. Here is the best buy link of Beat O Smartphone Glucometer:

3.Magic silicon cleaning gloves

amazon smart cleaning gloves
Silicon cleaning gloves

I know is an non technicsl product but it is a super handy household product i want to feature it here. The special things about is gloves are you can wore it from both sides, One side with its 8mm bristles you can use this for washing dishes or use it for cleaning your pet and with the other side you can use it for carrying hot stuff or hot utensils cause this can hold upto 200 degrees of heat. This could be your very useful houseghold product. currently it is available on Amazon at the price of ₹ 375. Here is the best buy link for this Magic Silicon Cleaning Gloves :

4.Mini rc canned remote control car

Rc car mini from amazon
hotwheel sized Rc car

This is a Hotwheels sized mini Rc car it comes with a cool cann like packaging. you can charge this car with the help of its remote, The car can run for the 8 minutes in a single charge, The remote requires 2 AA battries, Belive me it is really an amazing thing to play with. If you buy many of these you can have an amzinng race with your friends. As of now this is selling on the amazon at the price of ₹ 649. Here is the best buy link for this Mini RC Car:

5. Arc reactor usb pendrive

Iron man arc react
Arc reactor usb pendrive

This is a Iron man arc reactor as well as a usb 2 pendrive but best part about this is it has led lights with random effects which you can control by the switch given behind the pendrive. You can buy this from the amazon at thr price of ₹ 750 (execpt price fluctuations). Here is the best buy link of Arc reactor usb pendrive :

Inspired by: Youtube Tech Shan

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