Battle of Kondhana: A complete story of Tanaji Malusare Part 6


In the previous version of this series we have read, How Tanaji entered into Fort Kondhana and in today’s post we will ge to know how Kondhana will be conquered by Tanaji And Final battle of Kondhana. This part will be the last part of this series.

Battle of kondhana
Battle Of Kondhana

When soldiers of Tanaji almost killed 700 soldiers of Udaybhan, Udaybhan was unaware of the attack in fort kondhana By that time, he had consumed a lot of opium and alcohol and was having fun with his wives in his bed. Udaybhan did not felt the need to fight and asked his soldiers to release an elephant named Chandravali over Tanaji’s soldiers. Chandravali’s keeper fed him a lot of cannabis and released him over Tanaji’s soldiers.

chandravali udaybhan's elephant
Chandravali Elephant

But they didn’t got any edge from it, Tanaji cut off Chandravali’s trunk with a single blow of his sword and killed it. Uday Bhan didn’t get up even after hearing the news of Chandravali got killed, This time he ordered senapati Siddhi Hilal to go and fight with Tanaji. Siddhi hilal was also in Udaybhan like condition, But had to go at the behest of Udaybhan. Siddhi Hilal had wore his armours and killed his wives and went out to fight.

Arriving in front of Tanaji, Siddhi Hilal asked him to press the grass with teeth and beg for mercy. Tanaji laughed at Siddhi Hilal’s condition and gave him 18 wounds and ripped him from the head to the navel. Udaybhan did not woke up from his bed even after the death of his senapati, this time he sent his 12 sons to fight Tanaji, whom Tanaji cut into 24 pieces. Finally Uday Bhan woke up to the news of the death of his sons, He also killed his wives like Siddhi Hilal and went to fight.

Ajay devgan as Tanaji malusare
Tanaji Malusare

When he saw that there were only a handful of soldiers who killed his soldiers, his commander and his sons, Udaybhan turned red in anger. Then a fight started between Tanaji and Udayabhan. It is said that Udaybhan had cut off the hand of Tanaji and broke his shield, But Tanaji didn’t stop in spite of this. Tanaji had wrapped the cloth of his Pagdi in his hand and he keep on fighting, Eventually Tanaji got killed by Udaybhan. But by then, Mawal soldiers had opened the Kalyan gate and Suryaji with thousands of soldiers had entered the fort.

Tanhji death
Tanhaji The Unsung Warrior

After this, Furious war took place in the fort. The Mughal soldiers were more than the Marathas, But Mughals were drunk and were weakened amidst the slogans of “Har Har Mahadev”. Thousands of Mughal and Rajput soldiers jumped out of the fort to save their lives and were killed by falling from the cliff. Eventually the Mughal flag waving at the fort was taken off. kondana was conquered by marathas and Saffron flag was waving on it.

Chhatrapati Shivajji
Chhatrapati Shivaji

Some historians believe that Udaybhan was killed by the Tanaji and some believe that Udaybhan was killed by Shelar Mama after he was badly injured by Tanaji. After capturing the Fort kondhana Maratha soldiers had fired the cannons and burned the huts built on the fort. This was the message for Shivaji Maharaj that now Kondhana fort now belongs to him.

After getting the message Shivaji reached to the Kondhana fort, he was surrounded by soldiers shouting slogans of Har Har Mahadev. But upon seeing Tanaji’s dead body, Shivaji pacified everyone. He said “गड आला पण सिंह गेला “ ( Won the fort but lost the Lion) These words came out of his mouth with great pain. Tanaji fulfilled his promise to Rajmata Jijabai. Shivaji canged the name of fort kondhana to Sinhagad in the honour of Tanaji. This fort was under control of Marathas from 1670 to 1689 After the assassination of Shivaji’s son Sambhaji in 1689, Mughals recaptured the fort, But still today the fort is known as SinhaGad.

It was Tanaji who fueled the dream of establishing the Maratha Swaraj. So how do you like the series of Battle of Kondhana tell us in the comment section below and do share this amazing story with your friends and family. Surely the velore of Tanaji will inspire the future generations. Thanks and stay tuned for the upcoming amazings such stories.

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