Battle of Kondhana: A complete story of Tanaji Malusare Part 5


Hi guys in the part 4 of this series we have read how Tanaji Malusare went on a mission to conquer Fort Kondhana and in todays post we will how tanhaji plan to conquer Kndhana Fort.

Fort Kondhana

After the getting information from the Koli people, Tanaji entered the fort Kondana on the getup of a devotee of Maa Bhawani on which Udaybhan allowed him to roam freely in the fort. Then Tanaji thoroughly evaluated the security structure of the fort and while spying he came to know that they there will be a celebration at the fort on 4 February 1670.

Kondhana fort

Kondana is on a straight climb and is Triangle in shape and is at an altitude of 760 meters above the ground. Kondhana fort has two gates one is Kalyan gate and second is pune gate. It is almost impossible to enter the fort by any other way other than the door. At the western end of the fort is the Dronagiri hill which is the most rugged and steep compared to any other end. It was considered impossible to enter the fort from the dronagiri rock, so there were few soldiers stationed there. Tanaji planned to climb the fort by this route.

conquering kondhana
Climmbing on the fort

Tanaji reached the Dronagiri hill with his 300 Mawal soldiers, There he took out Shivaji’s much-known pet lizard Yashwanti from the box. It is a lizard found mainly in the Indian subcontinent called the Bengal monitor lizard and in Maharashtra this lizard is known as Ghorpad lizard. This lizard is about 5 feet long and its grip is very strong and can carry many kilos of weight.

ghorpad lizard
ghorpad lizard

Shivaji had specially prepared this lizard to penetrate inaccessible places. Tanaji tied a rope on lizard’s waist and left her to climb the fort wall. Eventually Yashwanti climbed the fort wall and Tanaji also climbed the fort with a rope tied at lizard’s waist. Then some more soldiers went up with the help of rope and gradually the other soldiers also entered into the fort. Then they slowly started killing the Mughal soldiers without making any noise. Their plan was to open Kalyan gate outside which Surya ji was waiting to attack with thousands of soldiers.

There is also a difference of opinion among historians about climbing the fort with the help of a lizard. Some believe that it was a ghorpad lizard which climbed the fort, and some believe that they were Ghorpad soldiers who first climbed the fort . In Maharashtra, there is a Ghorpad surname, so some people misunderstood those soldiers as ghorpad lizard. Ghorpad soldiers were considered masters in climbing far-reaching places.

Anyway, Tanaji’s soldiers continued to kill Mughal and Arabic soldiers. These soldiers were already drunk which is an advantage for Tanaji and his soldiers. By the time the wounded soldiers reached to the Uday Bhan with the news of the attack, more than 700 soldiers of Udaybhan already had been killed.

So, how Udaybhan will react and how Tanaji will conquer Fort Kondhana you will get to know in the next part of this series.

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