Battle of Kondhana: A complete story of Tanaji Malusare Part 4


Hi in the part 3 of this series we understood why kondhana fort was important for the Marathas and how Tanaji Malusare got ready to go on a mission to conquer kondhana. And in todays post we will got to introduce with the villain of the story Udaybhan Shingh.

uday bhan singh
Udaybhan shingh

Udaybhan Singh was a relative of Raja Jai Singh. Udaybhan Singh had 18 wifes. According to the writer of ‘ A history of the maratha peole’ Charles Augustus, Udaybhan used to eat one and half cow, one and half lamb and eats almost 50 ser ( 1 ser equals to 933 gms) rice in a day. Udaybhan also had an elephant named chandrabali who had killed so many soldiers in his life time.

udaybhan's military commander
Siddhi hilal

Siddhi Hilal was the military commander of udaybhan, He used to eat half cow, one lamb and 20 kg of rice in a day and had 9 wifes. Udaybhan had 12 sons who are more stronger and always on their duty to safeguard Udaybhan. Apart from all this, There are some Mughal,Arabic and Rajput soldiers stationed in Kondhana Fort, In total there were 5000 soldiers stationed in the fort kondhana.

Tanaji knew it well that, It was not brave to fight such an enemy directly. Before leaving for the war, Rajmata Jijabai herself fed Tanaji and his soldiers, after which they were given soldiers clothes and their weapons. After that Tanaji and his army headed towars the Kondhana Fort.

Tanaji Malusre

After reaching the village named Anandiwadi, Tanaji changed his clothes of a soldier and put on the clothes like a sarpanch (chief of a village) of that place and through the jungle Tanaji reachd near the outpost of Fort Kondhana.

On the outpost, Uday Bhan Singh had settled some Hindus of the Koli caste who used to help him and warn him from the dangers. Tanaji told them that he is the sarpanch of Sakhara village, On the way he was attacked by a cheetah, so he has come to take shelter. Koli people trusted Tanaji and Tanaji made them happy by giving them a lot of betel nut and opium. Then Tanaji gave them a lot of gold, then after being fully convinced, He revealed his true identity. He told them that he is a soldier of Shivaji and who wants to get some information about the Kondhana Fort and if they give the information, he will give them more gifts.

In the greed to get more gold, Koli people provided him all the information. Based on the information given by Koli peope, Tanaji devised a complete strategy to conquer Kondhana.

so, what was the Tanaji’s strategy and how he will conquer for Kondhana we will know that in the next part of this series.

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