Battle of Kondhana: A complete story of Tanaji Malusare Part 3


In the part 2 of this series we understood why Fort Kondhana holds so much immportance for Maratha empire. And in this post we will know how Rajamata Jijabai appointed Tanaji Malusare to win fort Kondhana.

Subedar tanaji
Tanaji Malusare

Tanaji Malusare was a subedar belonging to the Koli family, with whom Shivaji spent his childhood in the jungles of Mawal. Tanaji had mastered the guerrilla warfare technique and Tanaji considered Shivaji his king for Maratha swaraj ( a free maratha state).

Shivaji sent a message to Tanaji saying, ‘Come to Raigad with 12000 soldiers within 3 days’. At that time Tanaji was busy in the marrige celebration of his son Raiba. After getting the message of Shivaji, Tanaji stopped the marrige celebration of his son and called his uncle Shelar mama and his brother surya ji and ordered the Mawal troops to be assembled and start preparations to go to Raigad.

Mawal soldiers are those who belongs to Mawal province they were loyal to the Marathas. When Tanaji and his soldiers were marching towards raigarh they saw a copper smith bird 🐦, Tanaji’s uncle said appearing of this bird will bring bad luck we should not go further ahead then Tanaji just gave a smile and moved forward.

Tanaji malusare
Ajay devgan as Tanaji

When the convoy of Tanaji reached near Raigad, Rajmata Jijabai thought that Mughals have attacked but after seeing the saffron flag Shivaji understood that they were the soldiers of Tanaji. When Tanaji reached Raigad he asked Shivaji why he called him at utmost urgency, Shivaji got anxious because how would he tell his friend Tanaji that he wanted to send him on a suicide mission just before his son’s wedding. Then Shivaji replied i did’t but my mother had called you.

Jijabai sending tanaji ro win fort Kondhana
Tanaji and Rajmata

After getting so much love and respect from Rajmata, Tanaji put his pagdi on the feet of Rajmata and said maa ask me whatever you want i will try to fullfill your wish. Rajmata Jijabai replied ‘Win Kondhana’ I will give you the status of my son. After this Tanaji immediately got ready to win Kondhana. When Tanja’s uncle Shelar mama asked him what about your son’s wedding, Then Tanaji replied first Kondhana then son’s marrige.

The Mughals had given the responsibility of Kondhana to Jai Singh. For this, Jai singh had commissioned a very strong fortress Uday Bhan Singh. And who was Uday Bhan Singh we will get to know in the part 4 of this series.

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