Battle of Kondhana: A complete story of Tanaji Malusare Part 2


Hi guys in part 1 of this series you’ve read about the promis of Rajmata Jijabai’s promise which she took from Chhatrapati Shivaji to win Fort Kondhana. In the part 2 of this series we will know about why Kondhana fort holds so much importance for rajmata Jijabai and Maratha Empire ?

Why Kondhana Fort holds so much Importance for Maratha Empire.

Maratha empire
Chhatrapati Shivaji

We have to dive back in time a bit further to understand, Why Kondhana Fort holds so much Importance for Maratha Empire. Kondhana Fort had captured by so many kings before Chhattrapati Shivaji, Kings like Mohd. Bin Tuglaq, Adil Shah, ShahJi Bhosle. 1945 was a time when Shivaji’s father Shahji was member of Adil Shah’s Assembly since that time 15 years old Shivaji had developed the dream of Maratha Swaraj in his mind ( A free Maratha state).

From very young age Chhatrapati Shivaji had conquered fort Toran,Chakan and Kondhan with the minimum use of military. To stop Shivaji, Adil Shah had prisoned the father of Shivaji. In 1649 Shivaji had to give Fort kondhana to Bijapur dynasty to save his father from Adil shah. But Chhatrapati Shivaji had clearly understood that to establish Maratha dynasty he had to capture kondhana, Because motive was clear, Fort Kondhana is the safest and very strategically placed fort for any war like situation and very important to form Maratha state in Pune.

Chhatrapati Shivaji
Chhatrapati Shivaji

In 1956 Shivaji used money instead of military to conquer Kondhana. He bribed the muslim fortress with lumpsum of land in exchange of Kondhana fort. From then Muslim ruler Aurangzeb had tried to capture Kondhana so many times but got lost every time. After loosing many time from Chhatrapati Shivaji, Aurangzeb Tried a new trick to defeat Marathas, Aurangzeb placed Mirza King Jai Singh I of Amer against Shivaji.

Mirza Jai sing
King of Amer Mirza Jai Singh I

Jai Singh wasn eager to prove himself in deccan. With the help of 44000 Mughal soldiers, Jai Sing had destroyed The Maratha empire within 1.5 years, He also captured the Purandhar fort and also compelled Shivaji for Purandhar agreement.

In 11 june 1965 Purandhar Agreement was done between Mughals and Marathas. According to the agreement Shivaji had to give 23 forts to the Mughals including Kondhana. In 1966 Shivaji went to meet Aurangzeb to Agra whereupon Aurangzeb deliberately insulted him in the filled court and arrested Shivaji.

Escape Shivaji
The great escape of Shivaji

Same story was also popular as The Great escape of Shivaji. That how Shivaji escaped from Agra with his son Sambhaji in the box of sweets. That humiliation was the reason why Marathas were keen to win Kondhana fort from Mughals.By 1670, the Maratha and Mughal relations became more intense.

But the biggest question was that, who will win Kondana Fort, after a lot of trouble, only one name came up, Subedar Tanaji Malusare. And Tanaji will win fort Kondhana? you will get to know that in the next part of this series.

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