5 Real Ways To Earn Money Online

Earn money

The Biggest Victim Of COVID 19 is your wallet. Every industry is facing salary cuts Businesses are suffering and people are losing jobs. But today our focus is not on problems but on solutions. Today I am gonna give you the 5 real ways to earn money online. Students, Housewives, or anyone who has a little bit of free time This article is a gold mine for you.Because some of these secrets are such that you don’t need to be too talented for them but you need one thing you already have Time!


Number 1. Freelancing

In the US 36% of workers are freelancing. Globally this freelancing industry is worth 30 Billion US Dollars and because of the internet your location doesn’t matter, What matters is your talent like Photoshop, Web designing, Copywriting, Voiceovers, digital marketing or anything which have value. There are so many options. In fact, there are so many websites like Upwork, Fiverr for freelancers that provide so many opportunities where you provide services in exchange for fees. Start small, If you could spend an hour doing photoshop or make a website from WordPress then these skills are in very high demand. If you can monetize your hobby then there is no limit on how much you can earn!


Number 2. Transcribing

What if I told you to earn in dollars and spend in rupees from India. The benefit Of India is that here 1 dollar equals 75 rupees(as I am writing this article). So if you work for 20 Dollars an hour for 3 hours a day for 30 days, then you can earn 1,35,000/- rupees a month and it’s not that difficult Listening to audio and converting it to text is fairly easy. This is called transcribing and this is on high demand. All you need is time and you can earn every hour. It is a great option for people from the legal and medical background because specialize transcriptions pay higher. Website for transcribing are Go Transcribe, Transcribe me, scribie.


Number 3. Invesment Income

Learning about investment and starting early investments, Can be the best decision of your life provided you do it the right way after getting the right education. I know some people who’ve retired at the age of 40 because of their investment income. Upstox is India’s fastest growing platform where you can invest in shares and mutual funds. It is an Indian startup backed by Mr. Ratan Tata and also you can open account for free all you need is your PAN card and Adhaar.

There are a lot of platforms But what I love about Upstox is that after signing up for free you can start learning about investments. You can get free beginners courses from Elearnmarkets worth 999 rupees. Even if you know nothing about investments you can start learning from here, How to analyze markets, How to understand the risk involved and where to invest, To figure out all of this you can get stockade premium subscription worth 999 rupees and that is really cool that your money earns money for you when you are sitting at home. You can open your free account from This link https://upstox.com/open-account/?f=95OR this will help us to bring more interesting content for you.

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Number 4. Selling Courses

Nowadays people are spending a lot of time on the internet. You can teach your skills to people and make money. Obviously you can make a YouTube channel and make money from that, but you can even upload a paid course of your own or teach online. Websites for teaching are Udemy, Tutorme, Teachable, and many more. Teach yoga, Teach guitar, Teach art, Teach programming all of this is really relevant right now, You might think that there are many courses then why should anyone buy our course, Then think global and act local, like make a course in your regional language, India is a huge market and that your advantage.

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ways to earn online

Number 5. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant can be anything. Small companies need help in managing their accounts or handling their social media and that’s where you can get a chance, contact people in the field that interest you like Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and even on email suggest them how can you ease their pressure? How can you add value to their life? nowadays every company and high-level individuals are seeking virtual assistants to solve their problems. You can earn a handsome amount of money if you provide good value.

All of this is not easy. If it was then everyone would have done it, All these points are not get rich quick scheme, You are not going to be millionaire overnight you have to invest your time here, you have to learn and upgrade. The internet is a great tool, It is a marketplace where you can be a seller as well, Be it selling your services, Selling goods, Investing your money.

Right now all of us are in the same boat Because all of us are going through a tough time. The difference is some people will upgrade and some people will downgrade from this situation of the pandemic. Some people will use their phones to play games and some of you use it to win in life because if your phone is in your hand and your time is in your hand then your future is in your hand and telling you the secret of winning in life through internet Amazes me. Thanks!

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