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Startup ideas

We all want success in our life as we are on our 20′ we try to start up our own business with our friends but we struggle to find any good business idea. But I am here to solve your problem. I am gonna give you some amazing startup ideas that you should try.

Idea no. 1

JCB ki khudai

MEMES We see and laugh at hundreds of memes daily. But what if you were paid to do the same, Well marketing through memes is a huge ongoing trend, Remember JCB ki khudai and mature bag! well, those were not planned but, If I want to create viral content for my brand I need to study some other viral content. But how do I know which memes trends during which festival? works better in which city, in which month? in which year?

What if you make a list of all meme trends of 2018 and 19 categorize them by month, country, city, type, etc. and package them well and sell this data online like ebooks, courses, and journals. Trust me if done well every social media marketer would crave this data.

Idea no.2

black cat
black cat superstition

Superstition some people are afraid of them and some people are irritated. But what if you could earn money from them! There is a popular superstition in India that if a black cat passes your path it’s Bad luck. Really? is it logical? scientific? or is it just a rumor that grew over the years. who must have really started it?

Every culture has it’s own set of superstitions and superstitions tells us a lot about the people following that culture. What if you could research and categorize the most popular, weird and interesting superstitions city-wise country-wise culture-wise and cross observe patterns in these cultures and tell them like stories. This information can be compiled and presented as a travel blog or in a book or in a journal or a weekly magazine article like stalking superstitions r superstitions around the world etc. so that would be our idea no. 2.

Idea no. 3

letter startup

Letters All of us have written letters in our childhood, haven’t we? But with the advent of smartphones the art of letter writing is dying Reading a personal message on Facebook or WhatsApp is highly different from reading a handwritten letter from your loved one meanwhile as the trend of writing letter ids decreasing, Trend of customized gifting is increasing day by day.

What if there is an app named like loveletter, Through which you can send beautifully crafted and well-packaged letters to your loved ones. If the customer wants their personal message can be fine-tuned by professional writers or kept just the way they are which is later personally handwritten in beautiful calligraphy fonts and sent to your loved ones. The app can have many available options to choose from like the colour of the paper texture of the paper, Packaging options and hand-drawn illustrations if needed.

Idea No. 4

Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing It is not something new it has been happening for decades. Earlier it used to happen through filmstars and sports celebrities now it happens through people like Us, You & Me. Anyone with a few thousand followers on Instagram or Tiktok or Facebook in an Influencer today. But currently, there is no standard method of judging influencer’s fees for their post it is a completely unorganized market.

But Imagine, What if there is an app or a software or a certified regulated standard like ISO. That can calculate the correct price for influencers per post using only important information from their social media insights. Likes, daily visits on their profile, engagement on latest posts, Followers, etc. In short, if it looks precisely calculated, Brands would feel that they are paying the right amount for the right value, Hence more business. All you need is a couple of economists, coders, and business developers to make this startup happen.

Idea No. 5

Open world game

HESOYAM, NUTTER TOOLS, CHICK MAGNET, Feeling Nostalgic right! Yes, these are the cheat codes from the GTA games. GTA became an instant sensation upon its release and every 90’s kid’s friend. Why? Because it lets you live a realistic life in a game where you can kill people and burst cars and quench all your other fantasies.

So, Imagine what if there will be a reality-based game that constantly keeps changing according to real-life events and major global news. For example, A character invests in Bitcoin and real Bitcoin prices increase at the same time the character gets richer in the game. If there is a storm in the real world the game can have it too. I think you’ve got my point right! I know its way too complex but I am sure it is not impossible. Because I personally would love to try all my ideas in such a game without fearing any failure.

I hope you liked the today’s post stay tuned for more such content. (Credits: @_hrutul on Instagarm)

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