10 Strange Rules Imposed By Many Countries

strange rules

Hey, friends in today’s post you will get to know about strange rules imposed in many countries by their government. Many governments have imposed restrictions of strange kinds according to their culture and believe like in some countries it is illegal to chew chewing gum, and in some, it’s illegal to listen to the radio or you can’t wear blue jeans and some has imposed a ban on Facebook and youtube. It will be interesting to see how many countries have strange rules, which will be shocking to us.

Chewing Gum Ban in Singapore

singapore Vibes

It is the most developed country in South-East Asia and you can get arrested or fined for chewing gum here. You only have permission to use chewing gum for medical purposes in Singapore. consumption of chewing gum is banned since 2004 in Singapore. According to the government of Singapore, this rule is to promote cleanliness in the country.

Burqa Ban In European Countries


After many terror attacks all over Europe, many European countries had banned the Muslim woman’s cultural dress Burqa. According to them, many attackers wore Burqa so that police could not identify them and they could get away with their unwanted activities. France was the first country to impose a ban on wearing Burqa in 2004. After that Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands also banned Burqa in their respective countries.

Google ban in China

Banned websites in China

11 years ago you could use Google in China but in 2009 it got banned in China. We all know China had illegally captured Tibbet and a video from this Tibbet region got surfaced on Youtube in which a Chinese soldier is beating a Tibetan citizen. When this video went viral on Youtube the Chinese government ordered to ban Google from their country. Because Youtube is owned by Google. According to China Another reason for banning Google is that Google is an American company which posses some serious security risk for China. Chinese don’t use Google instead they use their own search engine Baidu.

Smoking Ban in Bhutan

Smoking Banned In Bhutan

In Feb 2005 Bhutan banned any kind of smoking in their country and that’s how Bhutan became the first country in the world to ban smoking in public.
Bhutan passed the Tobacco control act on 16 June 2010. We should really appreciate Bhutan’s efforts on this.

Ban on meeting with tribal people in India

Tribal people
North sentinal island

On the union territory Andaman And Nicobar Islands of India an untouched tribe lives called the Jarawa tribe. Although they are legally Indian citizens but to preserve their way of living, the Indian government had restricted their area to the general public. Jarawa tribe is one of the earliest tribes on the earth. They are living on many islands of the Indian Ocean for thousands of years.

Ban on western hairstyle in Iran

western haircut ban in Iran

The Iranian government had banned western hairstyles from their country in 2010. The government had issued hairstyle catalogs which are allowed to cut in salons. Any person or salon found guilty of breaking this rule could face legal actions.

Ban on wearing yellow clothes in Malaysia

Yellow tshirts
Protest in Malaysia

In Feb 2016 people of Malaysia protesting to demand the resignation of then prime minister Najib Razak. All the protestors had worn yellow T-shirts as a symbol of their protest. After that, the Malaysian government had banned yellow clothes. since then yellow clothing has become a symbol for protest in Malaysia.

Blue Jeans Banned In North Korea

North Korea
Blue eans

You have already heard about the hermit kingdom of North Korea and if had heard of North Korea then you have also heard of its leader Kim Jong Un and his infamous dictatorial rules and decisions. Kim Jong Un had banned Blue jeans in his country because he wanted to remove any kind of western influence from his country. He doesn’t like Americans because of ongoing conflicts.

Although you can wear black jeans there these rules are only for citizens of DPRK not for foreign tourists in North Korea. All this information is based on tourists visiting there. You can’t get independent news from North Korea because they don’t have press freedom there.

Plastic Ban in many countries

Plastic pollut
Plastic pollution

As you all know in India the government is taking many bold steps to protect our environment and to curb plastic pollution. Many countries also banned the use of plastic items or imposed heavy taxes on plastic materials. such as 15 countries from Africa had banned the use of plastic products. Denmark was the world’s first country which imposed heavy taxes on plastic products in 1994. China banned plastic in 2008. India also banned first used plastic materials

Ban on Uber Taxi

Uber Taxi

Bulgaria was the first country which imposed a ban on Uber after an order of the supreme court in 2015. Uber gave permission to drive a taxi without a taxi license in Bulgaria. That’s why Bulgaria banned Uber. After that many countries banned Uber such as Hungary, Austria, and Denmark.

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