10 mentalities which are stopping you from getting rich


Hey folks in todays world everyone want to get rich and why not money makes life easier and comfortable. But even though every person in this world always desired to get rich they are not changing their mentalities and get lazy when they need to do the hard work to achive their goals, Cause at the end of the day it’s the rich peoples mentality which makes them rich in todays post we are gonna discuss about Top 10 Mentalities which are stopping you from GETTING RICH. And also at the end of the post you could know about, How much money did Amazon make in its first week of Launching.

(mentality) 1. Having low or no Financial standards

Jordan belfort

Jordan Belfort AKA The Wolf Of Wall Street Says “If I am not on track to make 10 Million a year. I can’t sleep”

We all have standards of how much money we should be making, But for many this is not conscience even if it,s on conscience you will start to feel anxious if your income gets lower than your standards and everyone has a different number, By makinng an effort to create a new standard rather than the one we already have or even worse one that was given to us by a boss can make a huge difference in the effort we put to increase our income. So question what is your Financial Standard ? Creating a new standard can make a difference in the effort you put into increasing your income.

(mentality) 2. It’s not my fault

Its not my fault

Have you ever met people who do nothing wrong nothing is ever their fault, This is because they blame something or someone else for their situations, When we blame others for our situation we gave up our ability to control since it’s not our fault we can not control it and this is very dangerous when it comes to money because they are blaming someone else for our financial situation we are telling ourselves that we can not control our finances it’s like getting on the backseat of your car and hoping it drives itself (except Tesla) but you should get the point.

(mentality)3. Rich people are the worst

wealthy people
Wealthy People

Many people hates Rich peoples they feels that they are responsible for their financial situation. The problem is when you see people who are rich and wealthy in a negative way you naturally try to avoid being in the same category you unconsiously avoid having a lot of money, If you consider rich people to be greedy, selfish or just bad people and it’s something that you don’t aspire to be you will have a difficult time creating wealth but if you consider rich and successful people to be hard working intellegent and generous people who decided to challenge the status quo and do things their way in order to provide ppeople with something that was’t there before and that is something you aspire to be you will have a lot less resistance within yourself to achive your financial goals.

(mentality) 4. Come on, It’s not realistic


This is something that we see alot many people think that it is not possible to be financially independdent or even rich. But i see people trying to discourage others to think the same now I know that it can be difficult to grasp this idea because most of the people around us are pretty much the same they are not rich something that is very powerful is meaning people who are at the level you want to be by actually seeing and interacting with those people will remove the belif that our goals are not possible because we know people who have accomplished them, Now some of the easiest way to meet these people is to go to some of the places they go to like conferences or masterminds there you can socialize and make friends with those people who are in the same path as you are or even ahead of you.

(mentality) 5. Just go to the College and You will be financially successful

college graduation
College education

A good college education might increase the chances of finding a job but this dosen’t mean that by having a college degree you’re automatically a financial genius, See most courses don’t teach financial literacy there’s no how to minimize taxes or how to grow your portfolio these things are up to the individuals to learn how to handle their own finances . college will not determine your financial wellness but your financial literacy will.

(mentality) 6. Rich people were born rich

rich life
Rich life

Now there is many people who have inherited money there is definitely people who got wealth from their ancestors, But something that seems to happen is that people us this as an excuse to not even try to build their own wealth when people use these excuses they limit themselves, For example once i herd a person talking about Bill Gates that ‘he has everything, He has more opportunities than the average person’ whether this is true or not it has nothing to do with our own ability to build wealth. By saying that all rich people were born rich you are consistently saying that you can’t be rich because you weren’t born in a wealthy family, This takes away our control since we can’t control the family we are born in we essentially saying that we can’t control our finances.

(mentality) 7. I work so hard, I should be getting paid more

hard working employee
Hard working Employee

Many people grew up with the mentality of exchanging time for money, The harder you work the more you should get paid right. Lets think about this you are a personal trainer and you workouts really hard to teach a five person class and you make $10 per person, Now let’s say that insted of 5 you teach a class with 25 persons with the same $10 per person you workout just as hard, Now lets say you take it to the next level you record your training sessions and you sell them online to a lakh people and you make the same $10 per person which of these will make you more money, you workout the same but the paycheck is very different. I hope you get the idea Money is proportionate to the value you provide if you pay attention rich people focuses on delivering as much value as possible to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.

(mentality) 8. Money won’t make you happy

Pursuit of happiness

Many say if you think money can’t make you happy you’re spending it wrong, Whether money makes you happy or not has nothing to do with building a good financial life, If you belive that money will make you happy you can still make it and live a life with more options , Many people use this as an excuse to not even try to achive a good financial life.

Grant cardone

Entrepreneur Grant Cardone says ” Being rich and being happy have nothing to do with eachother, so you should do both”

(mentality) 9. Investing is just for rich


This is kind of interesting because if you’ve ever read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Richest Man In Babylon and Secrets Of the Millionaire Mind and pretty much any other wealth building book, Investing is a key point in every single one of them, But for many people investing seems to be out of their reach like something that only rich people do and one of the reasons is due to lack of knowledge, So taking the time to learn to reinvest can be a huge financial positive.

(mentality) 10. My best friend just got a new car, I must get one too!

New car jelousy
New car

We are naturally built to conform to society, we are social creature its wired in our brain it can be very hard to resist being part of the crowd, We can be very tempted to buy that car or that expensive phone just because everyone around us have them, But a great way to use this natural social instinct to conform in your advantage is to find people who think in a very similar way that you do, This way you can be part of this awesome like minded community which motivates you to reach your full potential .

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Source: Youtube The better men project

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